Saturday, 5 October 2013

BHS Seasonal Sweet Delights

During my lunchbreak on Friday I was just walking past BHS and noticed the festive promotion signs appearing on the ceiling through the glass doors. I stopped, recalled the sweet selection they had last year and decided to investigate! And I'm so very glad I did, look at what I found:

Firstly, there was so much!! Everywhere I looked there was such a variety of different sweets, some classics and some new versions of ones I know. BHS have their own variety of Jelly Beans called Weenie Beanie Jelly Beans. They also had a good selection from Swizzels Matlow, including the Variety Sweet Hoppers.

The one thing you defiantly couldn't miss were the HUGE Gum ball machines. There was a large one for £35, around about a meter high and the smaller one was about 2ft tall and costs £15.
These are both from the Fabulous Candy Co. range.

I usually find that if I eat too many Millions then I get a little bit of a sore jaw from all the chewing. So if I were to buy one of the large £20 jars the I think it would last me a fair while. There are also some smaller flavoured tins, box tins and sweet hopper versions. 

The Fabulous Candy Co. brand consists mainly of small £6 retro bucket tins, fizzy cola bottles, giant strawberries, chocolate jazzies and many more.

The final collection I saw was 1KG tins of more retro sweets, which happen to have 20% off at the moment. Jelly babies, fruit pastilles, liquorice allsorts and wine gums! Such great value and such great gifts for any time of the year really. 

I know that BHS have a lot of 20% (days well they usually do) running up until Christmas, those days I will surely be popping in! 

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