Sunday, 16 June 2013

Bath Cake Company

The Bath Cake company is a lovely little shop based within the center of Bath. As well as owning their own shop and running cake decorating courses, they also supply a range of cakes, traybakes and biscuits to some of the city's finest independent cafes. 

I've known about this little place for a while, follow them on Twitter and Facebook, but still hadn't tried any of their sweet treats. So after a Facebook post stating that the cupcake of the day was 'Raspberry and white chocolate', I thought it was about time I went over to investigate!

Firstly their shop is a bakers dream! So many tools, decorations, everything you'll need to make a beautiful masterpiece. But also their cupcakes come in the most cutest little boxes ever! It's £2 for a cupcake from their shop on Lansdown Road and it's defiantly worth it. (Obviously I'm easily amused by a small branded box...).

Now, let's get down to the taste...

The actual part cake was perfect, real pieces of raspberry in there too! The butter cream was spot on, just the right amount and not too sweet. And the decoration adds that little extra in terms of texture. 

Soon I hope to attend one of their many cupcake decorating classes, finally I'll be able to learn how to use the piping kit my nan bought me for my birthday correctly!

Overall my tasting experience was great, it's a 5/5 from me!

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