Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mr Big Tops - Sweets by post

This was probably the best discovery I've made in a long time! You've all heard of Graze boxes right? Well how about a box full of all your sweet childhood favourites?!
Thanks to entrepreneurs Luke Booth, Chris Eves and Sam Hargreaves, that little hole you had in your life can now be filled with Mr Big Tops.

Check out this great article from the Maidenhead Advertiser, of which explains more about how it all began.

As I write this post, with 3 days to go, there are still just over a thousand boxes left. So let's give these guys a hand and get these boxes sold for them! You can purchase one, or more simply through your Paypal account from the Mr Big Tops Website.

2,500 limited edition Christmas gold boxes are up for sale, to help promote the launch of the full Mr Big Tops website

It's also only 3 days to go until they launch their website, which by the screenshot they have already posted, it's going to look awesome. 

I'm very much looking forward to receiving my Mr Big Tops Gold box in December. 
Once I get it I'm definitely going to make a video that's for sure!

Go follow them on Twitter, and don't forget to like them of Facebook.

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