Friday, 15 November 2013

Squashies Competition - I won!

Back in September I was browsing through my Facebook page as you do and I came across a little competition from Squashies. The question was 'What is the squashiest item in the room you're in right now? Best two answers will receive free squashies!'. At the time I was sat at my desk at work and the one squashy things I had was this years Red Nose Day nose and my desk alien. I noticed no one else had replied with an image so I thought I would give it a shot.

The next day I had a notification telling me that I had been tagged in the post and that I had won!! Just over a week later this box appeared at my door.

Dear Helen
Congratulations for winning our "Squashies item" competition! 
We hope you enjoy your Squashies.
Kind regards
Swizzels Matlow Ltd

I was surprised and happy to realise that they had sent me a large and small version of each flavour from the range. 

Thanks Swizzels Matlow!!!

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